Food and health fair in Stockholm

Today I went to Stockholm for an annual food fair. It’s my third time and I really like going around food, cookware and books…

There are always a lot of tastings to be done and most is free. It can look something like this:

This year I attended a more organized tasting of olive oil and parmesan cheese. The tasting started wit a short lecture in how to make olive oil and the cheese. Really interesting.

Then we got to taste and discuss three kinds of oils and six kinds of cheese.

I had bought a bottle of fine oil before the tasting and I knew that I would get one bottle for free. So I would be going home with two bottles of oils and this oil was among the three to be tester. I was really happy when I realized that the one of the three I enjoyed most was the one I now have two bottles of… Phew…

In another hall there was a health fair as well and I knew that a company I am interested in regarding getting a bit of training was supposed to be there. I was lucky to catch the guy who is responsible for the course and we had a chat about it and I am now convinced I want to participate. Ints now only a matter of time and money…

I also managed to see a bit of a cooking lecture from a LCHF-Writer. Not really that interesting but it was nice to see a quite high turnout in the audience.

When I got home ha had a lot of chess with me and I did manage to get my hands on a couple of cans of duck confit. Lucky me!

For dinner I had a lot of chicken and some garlic butter.

During the evening I ate the rest of the balls so the nutritions went up bit…





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