Testing new coffee

One of the reasons I gave away my Nespresso and got a new espresso machine was the possibility to get “better” coffee. When you buy whole beans you can get “organic” and fair trade etc. I can also try a lot of different roasts and brands. Today I visited a store and got two packets of beans. I have not yet really got the prices but these were about 10 USD per 250g. So 40 USD per kilo. When I look at the store I get most of my food this coffee was 2-3 times the price. I will buy the cheapest beans I can get and compare. I have now tried the beans to the right. This coffee was really nice. Better than the somewhat cheaper beans I got to try the machine.

16 0727-TommyTappar -20160727-00001IMG_8282

For dinner I had chicken, broccoli and butter.

16 0727-TommyTappar -20160727-00002IMG_8283

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-07-27 kl. 20.56.15

Today I went running again and once again it was quite hard. I did run out to the track I have used before and once there I walked for a couple of minutes before I started running again. The slow running I am used to was tough on both my legs and the breath. It felt a little strange… I did however feel I had the energy to run so I played around a bit with rushes of 100-200 meter where I did run as fast as I could. Then I walked some and then rushed again. This was really the first time I really pushed the speed in my running and it was really fun. It felt like I was running for the first time. When I had done these rushes and walks for 3 km I was going to jogg home but the rushes was a bit hard on my muscles so I actually walked all the way home…


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