A lot of water

The heat wave continues… around 28 celsius (82 F). I have filled the fridge with sparkling water flavored  with some different fruits. My favorite right no is the one to the left. It is “Wild strawberry”, or “smultron” as we say in Sweden…

16 0725-TommyTappar -25072016-IMG_8278

For dinner I fried some pork an spinach. As side I had pre made sauce bearnaise.

16 0725-TommyTappar -25072016-IMG_8277

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-07-25 kl. 20.03.53


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2 Responses to A lot of water

  1. Angie McDaniel says:

    Do the flavored waters have sugar?
    I’m diabetic and do I need to worry
    About the sugar if I’m doing the LCHF?

    • Tommy says:

      The water are supposed to be without any sugar at all.

      If you are going really low on the carbs you do not have to worry about the sugar since you will eat any sugar (sugar=carbs).

      As a diabetic I hope you check your levels a lot and this is especially important if you start doing LCHF.