No more Nespresso

I have given away my old Nespresso machine and bought a new one. This an quite cheap espressomachine that grinds coffee beans. Now I just have to find my favorite beans.

16 0724-TommyTappar -24072016-IMG_8274

I was away almost the whole day and I had a little lunch of barbecued pork and some salad.

16 0724-TommyTappar -24072016-IMG_8272

I also went by my brothers place and had a couple of slices of low carb bread with a lot of butter.

16 0724-TommyTappar -24072016-IMG_8273

For dinner I had a couple of nice steaks with sauce bearnaise.

16 0724-TommyTappar -24072016-IMG_8275

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-07-24 kl. 21.48.26


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