Playing with my new toy

Today I have tried to use my computer with only the new pen. I have “hidden” the mouse out of reach so I won’t use it. It is not easy… The pen uses “absolute position”. This means the screen is on the “tablet” and if I have the pen in the top right corner the cursor is there. It does not work as a mouse where the cursor is where it is… Kind of… It might not sound like a hard thing to learn but it is… It is really fun and I have already found the neat tricks in photoshop I did not manage to do with the mouse.

I had a little brunch today. Some cheese and ham.

16 0723-TommyTappar -23072016-IMG_8271

For dinner I had chicken, broccoli and pure butter without any seasoning.

16 0723-TommyTappar -23072016-IMG_8270

The intake was.

Skärmavbild 2016-07-23 kl. 20.46.14



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