Instead of cash tip

During the Low Carb Cruise we will visit Jamaica and the tour organizer there wanted us to bring school supplies instead of cash for tip. So I have started looking for good things to bring. I think this is a really goon idea!

16 0418-TommyTappar -18042016-IMG_6556

For dinner today I fried som chicken and made a really nice mayo with spinach, onion and garlic.

  • 1 diced clove of garlic
  • 40 g of diced onion
  • 70 g af baby leaf spinach

I fried the garlic and onion in some butter and added the spinach just for a couple of seconds and then I let id cool in the fridge. When cool I mixed with 150g (!) of mayo… I seasoned with a little salt and plain white pepper.

16 0419-TommyTappar -19042016-IMG_6557

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-04-19 kl. 21.17.27




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  1. Sandie says:

    Tommy, that’s a great idea to take school supplies. We just visited Fiji and did the same. We took school supplies, some books, toys and clothes. So much poverty. Every bit helps.

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