High proteins

Today I was away gaming all day. We tried a new (to us) game called “Dead man’s hand”, a really cool western game. I lost both my matches against some evil Mexicans… 🙂

16 0417-TommyTappar -17042016-IMG_6549

When I got home I made dinner. Pork chops with garlic butter.

16 0417-TommyTappar -17042016-IMG_6552

The intake was really high on proteins. I will try to get the protein down a little the coming weeks…

Skärmavbild 2016-04-17 kl. 19.58.58


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  1. Error says:

    This curd-riddled cheese product is laced with casein protein a slow-digesting protein that supplies your growing muscles with a steady supply of vital amino acids. Think of it as the MVP of snack time, especially before bedtime.

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