Really nice lunch

I stayed over at my parents house and got a really nice lunch before I went home. I am blessed with a mother who enjoys cooking and is good at it!

For starter it was a avocado with shrimp salad (Skagen).

16 0101-TommyTappar -20160101-00001IMG_6152

For main it was a nice salmon on beat root and topped with chevré.

16 0101-TommyTappar -20160101-00011IMG_6147

For dinner I made a quite hot shrimp wok with leek, shrimps, paprika and a garlicy guacamole.

16 0101-TommyTappar -20160101-00015IMG_6150

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-01-01 kl. 23.41.00


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