Happy new year!

So, 2016 has started. 2015 was a really interesting year for me. New jobb and increased training. I will write a longer post about the past and the coming year tomorrow or on Saturday.

We celebrated the new year in Finspång and we had a shepherds pie for lunch.


For dinner we had lobster…


and a nice roast.


We ended the eating with some brie cheese.


The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-01-01 kl. 00.20.31

During the day we got several games of Marvel Legendary done. It is a really good game!




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3 Responses to Happy new year!

  1. Bill says:

    Hello Tommy. What is the SEK you now list, and how is it figured? Have a great new year. Thanks for a great blog.

    • Tommy says:

      Oops, sorry. Not very clear… It’s the cost of the day for me. I had a discussion some time ago about how expensive LCHF is so I had to register the costs just to se if it is expensive, and it’s not…

      So SEK=Swedish Krona = our currency.

      1 USD = 9 SEK.

      I’ll put USD in the graph after tomorrow…