To break my 3-day fast I had a lot of minced pork, feta cheese, paprika and mayo.

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To be honest I do not really feel anything after the fasting but I guess it is good for you to fast now and then. I normally only eat once a day to I do have 24 hors of fasting every day so to go to 72 hours might not have that much impact. Not sure if I will try again but I will do a 48 hors fasting now and then. It is easier just to skip a dinner one day and I am at the 48 hours.

The intake today was

Skärmavbild 2015-11-01 kl. 23.20.43


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  1. BobM says:

    Tommy, that looks delicious.

    There’s some evidence that longer fasts (maybe a week or so, although I’m not sure there’s consensus on this) help the body rebuild. I’ve done one 5 day fast (tried to go 7 days, but my blood pressure went too low), and many 3 day fasts. I did think I had more “repair” in the 5 day fast than in the 3 day fasts.

    My main problem is restarting. For a three day fast, my body seems to save the water that I’ve been drinking for the last three days. As soon as I eat, all that water comes out. It’s strange. I haven’t been able to figure out how to restart eating without that happening.

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