Not the best night of sleep

Yesterday I had a lot of coke zero and maybe thats why I did not sleep very well.

15 1025-TommyTappar -20151025-00001IMG_5341

I cannot really say I did experience the night that bad. Only 56% quality according to Sleep Cycle.

Today I took a quite long walk and when I got home I had a couple of eggs with mayo before making dinner.

I have found a new(?) brand of spices with no added sugar, salt nor other “crap”. Only clean spices. So today was going for Chicken Tikka with yogurt, leek and chicken.

15 1025-TommyTappar -20151025-00002IMG_5344

I marinated the chicken for a couple of hours and then fried it and served with broccoli.

15 1025-TommyTappar -20151025-00006IMG_5343

The intake was (after a couple of beer sausages in the evening)

Skärmavbild 2015-10-25 kl. 20.18.54



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