Classic Swedish dish

The day started with a second 7+1*5 run. I was under 8 minutes on Monday and today too. I was a bit surprised since the run felt a bit slow but the pace got under 8 minutes per KM again.

For dinner I made a Swedish classic. During the 70’s before Mac Donalds and Pizzas was pupular in Sweden we used to go to fast food joints selling hot dogs with mashed potatoes. For some reason there was a trend having shrimp salad on top of the hot dog. It is a bit weird to mix seafood with sausages but never the less it got quite popular. Today I fried some sausages and made a really simple shrimp salad of:

  • 75 g mayo
  • 100 g chopped shrimps
  • a little onion, salt and pepper

15 1021-TommyTappar -20151021-00012IMG_5306

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2015-10-21 kl. 20.27.55


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