Coke Zero and Coffee

Today I went to my parents house for both lunch and dinner.

For lunch we got cauliflower “rösti” with unsmoked bacon. Really nice as always.

15 1017-TommyTappar -20151017-00002IMG_5195

During the afternoon I had the first cup of coffee for this week and in the evening I actually I had a coke zero (or two…)

15 1017-TommyTappar -20151017-00005IMG_5194

For starter at dinner we had lamb with cream cheese and some veggies.

15 1017-TommyTappar -20151017-00011IMG_5197

The main was fish in a really creamy sauce and a little cauliflower.

15 1017-TommyTappar -20151017-00013IMG_5196

For dessert a pice of camembert cheese

15 1017-TommyTappar -20151017-00016IMG_5210

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2015-10-17 kl. 22.28.36


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