No more store

We have decided to sell all our stock in the gaming store so today and the following days we will pack everything. We re selling all to another store in Sweden. We will still have the store open for “orders” locally until the contract for for the locale/power/phone etc runs out end march 2016. So there will still be a lot of gaming just not as much games on the shelves… Hopefully another crew might start something new and take over our lease. The reason for this is really time and money. We have built up a little to large stock and with 3 owners all with full time “real” jobs we finally run out of energy and cash… 🙂

Today I went to my parents town for easter dinner. A place we normally have the traditional christmas buffén opted for a easter buffet this year. Really nice. I had four large plates with everything from eggs to brie cheese…

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In the evening I had a couple of eggs and butter (no picture) to get some more stable energy from fat. A little to much proteins at the buffet.

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2015-04-05 kl. 22.42.04


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  1. chuck struve says:

    Looks delicious !

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