Really nice dinner

This Monday and Tuesday we have an HR-conference and this means both lunch and dinner.

For lunch I had a couple of “burgers” with olives, cheese and ham.


For dinner we got salmon mousse for starter


And a really nice pice of pork for main.


The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2015-02-03 kl. 00.14.40


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One Response to Really nice dinner

  1. lchf by the sea says:

    greetings from Portugal to all of you!

    i would like to ask you how come you do those specific math from the intakes

    you get from your daily meals, e.g., mostly the fat % cause i had recent blood tests

    and since i am pretty sure i get my carbs only from the vegetables and very few times

    from fruits ( less than one piece of fruit per week so max 4 pieces of fruit last month)

    i suspect ketosis is not kicking the correct way on me so far.

    i had what you might call the basic mediterranean diet but from one month already LCHF diet is ruling in my house; i am gluten free and sugar free for 2 months already. i started this diet not for weight problems since i am 65 kg. for 1,82 cm. tall; rather i started it to see if i can gain weight the good way as well to prevent some kind of problems that my low fat high carbs intake could me lead to since i have colon cancer history in my family from both parents ; i could not stand more than 2 to 3 hours without eating…always craving…and that affected, messed, very much my life routines cause the crankiness was pretty much there all the time.

    so i use loads of premium extra virgem olive oil, butter, nuts, almonds, meat from animals who pasture in the wild and mostly fresh fish ( this is the blessing from living up north in portugal because you can get this high quality fish for so little money!)
    i introduced eggs again in my diet, pork meat, and lots of other free pasture animals!
    so i suspect i am antibiotics free from my feeding chain,,,but can not be 100% sure, can i ?

    long story short how do i do the math to check my intake % from fat; do i count the cl. of olive oil, the grams of butter, the lard i cook from directly prior cooking or the cooking with it affects the % intake;

    if you could give me an example from all your math that would be great…since my brain seems to be working a lot better, cause i feel much more curious again about how things work and work for me especially i know this is something i have to ask somebody like you with all your experience so far.

    thank you for your time,

    feel great all of You.