Low Carb Cruise 2015

It looks like the cruise will happen for me this year. My former manager did not approve my vacation but with a new job and new manager the dates are secured!

Now I have to decide how to travel and when. My plans right now are to fly in to Florida a couple of days before the cruise and hang around a bit. Maybe rent a nice car and check out some famous roads between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Then after the cruise I might stop by Chicago and spend a couple of days there to. I have passed through a couple of times but I have never visited the city itself.

Today I stayed home all day and managed to paint quite a lot of stuff. For dinner I fried 4(!) sausages and made a cole slaw with the pre made bearnaise and cabbage. 4 Sausages was a little to many. 3 would probably be enough but I managed to force them all down… 🙂

15 0201-TommyTappar -20150201-00005IMG_0951

The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2015-02-01 kl. 21.18.29

Next week it will be a lot of lunches and dinners with my colleagues. First two days of meetings on Monday and Tuesday and then a workshop with my new colleagues on Friday. In between it looks like lunch on Wednesday too. So maybe only Thursday without lunch…





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