Great day with Team DietDoctor

Today we had the first strategy day with the team behind DietDoctor.


We arrived yesterday so the morning started with hotel breakfast


For lunch we went to aa nice buffet


The dinner was something special. One of the best 5-courses dinner I have had. Ever…

The first dish was a nice salmon with smoked mayo and som bread crumbs


The second was a beef tartar.


The Third was the best dish of the night. A nice pice of fish and an extremely nice soup.


The fourth was potato puré (yes I tasted some of it), pork and a sausage. Really nice pork”


And finally a sweet dessert… I tried the chocolate and some of the sorbet. Otherwise I left it all.


I also had  a lot (for me) of wine 5 half glasses. One for each dish.


The intakes was a bit complicated to calculate but I think I am pretty close.

Skärmavbild 2014-11-20 kl. 23.47.16


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2 Responses to Great day with Team DietDoctor

  1. Jennifer says:

    Your website and the DietDoctor’s site are the only 2 LCHF websites I visit regularly. I am so glad to know that the both of you are working together! I know you’ll do great things!!

    Jennifer in Chicago

    • Tommy says:


      A lot of nice things will happen the next 12-24 months… Probably on both mine but definitely on DietDoctor.


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