Crayfish feast

This weekend I am staying at my parents house for the annual traditional cray fish feast… We started with “anti pasti” for lunch.


During the afternoon me and my brother played some games and for dinner we we had the crayfish…


…with some nice cheesy LCHF pies.


For dessert my mother had made a nice chocolate dessert…


and during the evening I ate to much peanuts…


The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2014-08-23 kl. 23.38.12




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11 Responses to Crayfish feast

  1. Robyn says:

    Do you have the recipes for the LCHF cheesy pies? And the chocolate dessert?

  2. Pirjo says:

    Do yoy cook self the crayfish or you buy it like this?

    • Tommy says:

      We buy them cooked. Sometimes we “re-cook” them but the last years the ones we have bought has been really good so there has been no need for re-cooking.


  3. Tekesha says:

    I’m so jealous every time you go to your parents’ house for dinner. Your mother always puts together a big, wonderful spread of good LCHF food! 🙂 We are hooked on your goat cheese butter in my house. So good!!

  4. Daryl Broussard says:

    I live in Southeast Texas, right by the Louisiana border, and crayfish (crawfish to us), are a huge dish here. We boil them, and they are spicy and delicious lol

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