A lot of water

It is really warm in Sweden right now. around 30 degrees celsius and I am drinking a lot of water so I do feel a bit “big”… And the weight is reflected by this so even if I have been eating quite ok the weight is still a bit high…

Today I once again made my favorite butter with goat cheese

  • 100g butter
  • 100g goat cheese

Yes, it is that simple… Next time I’ll make a movie to prove it…

To the butter I fried two pork chops.

14 0725-TommyTappar -20140725-00011IMG_8337

Infront of a reasonably good movie (Snitch) I had 150g of gouda cheese.

The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2014-07-25 kl. 20.20.24



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2 Responses to A lot of water

  1. Tomas Rippl says:

    Hello, how exactly do you fry your pork chops? I leave them 20 mins or more on both sides but they are still rather tough to chew…
    Thanks. Tomas

    • Tommy says:

      I fry them pretty simple in butter normally seasoned with only salt and some mixes peppers or plain black peppers.

      20 minutes is far to much! Either much shorter time or very long in a slow cooker.

      My chops are cooked like this:

      High temperature pan, 3/3, with butter and as soon as the butter is quiet I put the chops in the pan and lower the temp to 2/3. After 3-4 minutes I turn the chops to the other side and lower the temp to 1,5/3 and put a lid on and let zimmer for another 2-3 minutes. The I turn the stove of and let the chops rest another 2-3 minutes. Normally the chops are slightly pink. Not close to rare, but not try and chewy… I will try to make a movie now when I have started recording som stuff. I will also take a picture of the color of the chop when I think they are perfect.

      I know people are afraid of “rare” pork but I would rather eat i slightly undercooked than overcooked… But thats me… Living on the edge… 🙂