Tommy on stage

Pictures of me during my presentation at the LCHF-camp are pouring in… For once I actually din something else than just speak. I showed everyone the only pair of trousers I have since my heavier times…Thanks ÅSe for tesse pictures…

14 0720-TommyTappar -20140720-00002bild 2

And then I tried to get into just one of the legs…

14 0720-TommyTappar -20140720-00003bild 4

Ta da!

14 0720-TommyTappar -20140720-00002936053_10152315355609930_970584840080256469_n

I am still a bit “touched” when I bring these trousers out of the closet… Not sure if I am gonna like seeing this on video later…

I also got a “behind the scenes” footage from when I am taking pictures for the blog… 🙂

14 0720-TommyTappar -20140720-0000310499448_10152315216564930_2047968097890594873_o

My weight has been a bit high lately so now I need to shape up… Or starting on Monday (again)..

Skärmavbild 2014-07-20 kl. 17.53.43

Today I had sausages and cole slaw for dinner. The cole slaw was really simple. Only 150g of mayo, 1 teaspoon dijon, 75g cabbage. Salt and pepper… Perfect for some sausages with garlic and herbs in them.

14 0720-TommyTappar -20140720-00004IMG_8284

I got a really high fat ratio thanks to all that mayo.

Skärmavbild 2014-07-20 kl. 21.18.24







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