Day 2 at the camp

The day started with a breakfast at the hotel.


The theater was quickly filling up.


First on stage was “Diet Doc”, Andreas Eenfeldt. Really good presentation as always.


The it was time for Ralf Sundberg who talked a lot about Cholesterol and fat. Really interesting and funny. The picture is Ralf explaining what the “stuff” that causes “clogs” is made of…


During the lunch I took a walk around Säffle. It is a really nice little town.


After lunch Lars-Erik Litsfeldt talked about diabetes.


Last of the friday was the always good presenter Monique. She talked a lot about her new cook book for parents with young children.


At night it was barbecue again and I had the same as yesterday.


The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2014-07-19 kl. 00.21.07


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2 Responses to Day 2 at the camp

  1. mafumane says:

    I need to loose weight.. struggling forever now,,, friend suggested this.. Can u help

    • Tommy says:

      Sure… Cut the carbs and eat more fat. 🙂

      Read about the basics of LCHF on the blog and come back if you have more specific questions.