Christmas buffet

So today we had the traditional Christmas buffet. For the first time in 10-15 years we went to the place where our family started this tradition. The local restaurant and hotel in Finspång where I grew up.

We met up at my parents hous and I had one really small ginger bread cookie with blue cheese on top…

13 1201-TommyTappar -20131201-00002IMG_4574


For some reason they stopped serving the buffet but now they are back again.

13 1201-TommyTappar -20131201-00010IMG_4582

It was a really nice buffet. Not extremely many dishes (compared to the Vegas buffets) but everything I tried was really well cooked.

The first plate was some different seafood.

13 1201-TommyTappar -20131201-00005IMG_4577

Then some cold cuts

13 1201-TommyTappar -20131201-00006IMG_4578

Followed by some favorites and warm dishes.

13 1201-TommyTappar -20131201-00008IMG_4580

Finally some cheese.

13 1201-TommyTappar -20131201-00012IMG_4584

It wsa quite a lot of food but as usual a bit hard to keep the fat up. We had the buffet for lunch and later in the evening when I got home I had a lot of cheese in front of a quite bad movie (Hamilton 2)…

The intakes for the day was

Skärmavbild 2013-12-01 kl. 22.46.31




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