Cholesterol after 4 year on LCHF

Today I got my test results back. Nice reading. After 4 years on staturatet fat my values are really good. I don’t know if the numbers “work” internationally but here they are. For the first time I also checked APO. Really good there too.

Skärmavbild 2013-09-17 kl. 22.09.22

Today my colleague lured me into eating lunch. She was going to my favorite salad bar so I could not resist. They have the best feta cheese I have ever tried.

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For dinner later I had a couple of chops with butter.

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The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2013-09-17 kl. 22.09.57


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8 Responses to Cholesterol after 4 year on LCHF

  1. PhilT says:

    The numbers work in the UK – mmol/litre. We tend to use the ration Total / HDL as a risk indicator, and your 3.0 is pretty good.

  2. Darrell says:

    I don’t know for sure what some of the translation is, but by comparing the numbers,I would say they look pretty good Tommy!

  3. Devorah Cohen says:

    I don’t understand these measurements. Can you explain? Would be more meaningful with chol, hdl, ldl, triglycerides. But so far you’ve only shown results for 2 people who had good levels to begin with. The real question for most of us starting out would be for so many of us with sky high cholesterol. What effects will diet have. Is it safe? What about effects on gall bladder digesting so much fat? Also, is this diet anti-inflammatory, since that is the core problem with clogged arteries?

    • Steve Grover says:

      I first started a low carb lifestyle in 1994 when I was a bit chubby and weighed about 210 at 6′ tall. I had been eating a low fat approach and felt terrible most the time, and constantly fighting hunger every few hours. Using typical US food pyramid mentality, I reasoned that I could ‘legally’ get through this by drinking Coke (non-fat!) and Power Bars (reasonable protein, low fat and high carb). I was a runner at the time – maybe 60 miles a week.

      Despite this I felt terrible and was gaining weight and HATED the dry nasty food I was eating. My only relief was coke and power bars. My wife was having similar problems.

      So we went on the Atkins diet which seemed too good to be true. In a few months, I dropped down to 179 pounds which was my lowest weight on this approach. So, I didn’t count calories, drank no soda, ate no candy and kept carbs below 50 grams per day.

      When I had my bloodwork done, my cholesterol dropped, HDL increased, triglycerides sank, and everything looked great. This isn’t exactly LCHF, but it was a good step in that direction.

      Ultimately I left Atkins as it seemed too restrictive and I craved things that weren’t on it. And once you begin to stray it doesn’t take long before you’re in freefall.

      I find the LCHF approach to be much more sensible. And I find I usually only eat two meals a day, a nice breakfast with plenty of eggs, meat and cheese for a start. ANd then I’m rarely hungry until it’s time for dinner. LCHF dinners are easier to make than traditional fare because I only have to worry about the main course and veggies.

      For snacking there is always things like hunter’s sausage, jerky, or maybe a handful of nuts. Others here like cheese sticks and cottage cheese, sometimes with a splash of blueberries or similar.

      We reserve a day each week to forget about LCHF and eat whatever we want. I know this doesn’t fit in with the LCHF philosophy, but we find that a weekly cheat day makes it so much easier to be strict the rest of the time and with good results. My wife has been the most faithful to our regime and is down about 75 pounds and dropping. Her cholesterol numbers are high, but she has uncontrolled lupus, unfortunately, and you’ll have high cholesterol when you have lots of inflammation. That’s how our bodies work. She does have very high numbers for HDL and always has, so her ration is still very good.

      Hope this gives some perspective.

      • Tommy says:

        Thanks for a great post. If eating “non-LCHF” once a week works for you do it. I could not really see me doing it. But then again, after 4,5 years I really do not have any cravings for carbs at all…


  4. Kevin says:

    I’ve been eating LCHF for about 5 months and I love it. I have been very strict with my carb intake and I have had success with my weightloss. I had my Cholesterol checked at the beginning and my numbers weren’t great (by the guideline standards at least) I’ve put them below:
    Cholesterol 7.0mmol
    Triglycerides 1.0mmol
    HDL 1.3mmol
    LDL 5.2mmol
    Ratio 5.4

    My doc wanted me to go on to statins but I decided to continue with LCHF and I had them checked again 2 months later, I was devasted that they had gone even high:
    Cholesterol 9.4 mmol
    Trigylcerides 1.7 mmol
    HDL 1.0 mmol
    LDL 7.6 mmol
    Ratio 9.4

    5%carbs, 20%protein and 70%fats, most of the fats were saturated very little poly/monounsaturated fats.

    I have maintained my ratio of carbs/protein and fat but I now split my fat so only 1/3 of it is saturated, and the other 2/3 are split between polyunsaturated and monunsaturated fats.

    just hoping someone has had a similar experience because I really don’t want to give up this way of living.

  5. Bianca V says:

    Hi. I would like to follow your blog… if only I knew how? I have looked – searched all over but I can’t find any links? Recently diagnosed with Diabetes, numbers not too shockingly high but… hereditary got me anyways. Since couple weeks LCHF and love all the info I can get and your story, Tommy, is super inspiring 🙂

    • Tommy says:


      Not really sure what you mean by follow my blog… Its right here and I post every day so yo can just return here tomorrow, and the day after etc… 🙂