Europe, New York or Vegas?

I am thinking about going away for a week or two to be able to focus on my book projects. At home there are quite a lot of distractions all the time and I am finding it hard to get anything done. I got the idea to actually get away and bring the laptop and sit in nice places and just “write away”… I am not really sure where I want to go but on top of my list in the US are New York or Vegas. I could go no places I have not been to but if I do I might need to do to much sightseeing… To be able to save some money I am also thinking about Europe. Lisbon, Barcelona, Rome or maybe Paris (but that is to close to work… kind of…). Any suggestions?

Today I went back to the safe choice for food. Two pork chops, broccoli and butter…

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The intakes was

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4 Responses to Europe, New York or Vegas?

  1. Zander says:

    How about Edinburgh, Scotland?! Loved that place

  2. C says:

    Island! Mitt hem nu och bästa platsen som finns om man vill ha inspiration (speciellt om du vågar dej ut från huvudstaden).

    • Tommy says:

      Hmm, great idea. I guess it quite expensive thou? But I will most certainly take a look at it. How is Island in November? Cold?