Lots of wine and carbs today

Today was the our second day in Rome. Breakfast is included in our rooms but the only thing that was ok was the coffee and some butter. Nothing else was low carb in any way…


After walking around a bit we ended up at a coffee place and to the espressos we got a small slice of “spongecake” and I actually ate it…


For lunch we hade both starter and main. For starter we split a couple of antipasti-plates


and for main I had Chicken in tomato sauce.


After the main we got a small glass of Lemoncello. It was really sweet so with the spongecake and this lemon cello the carbs was really hight today.


For dinner we ent to a really nice restaurant pretty close to the hotel. I had a cheese platter for starter


And a mixed grilled fish plate for main.


The intakes was a bit strange today. Lot’s of carbs and not that much fat…

I also had quite a lot of wine. Both for lunch and dinner. For lunch I had one glass of white and one glass of red wine. For dinner I had almost two glasses of white wine and a small glass of red wine.

Skärmavbild 2013-03-15 kl. 21.55.26





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