Rome day one

After a really short night’s sleep we left home at 03:45 in the morning to go to the airport to fly to Rome via Copenhagen.

Once at Copenhagen airport we had some breakfast and the “only” good food on the menu was omelette with bacon. Really nice one too…


I did not have any lunch or anything and in the evening we found a strange restaurant with menus in 10 different languages. The menu was translated by an “alpha version” of google translate and was really funny to read.

For starter I had ham with mozzarella…


And for main we all had “saltimbocca” really nice. I had one glas of white wine and one glas of red. Not very normal for me to drink wine but it was nice.

20130314-0023--12 20130314-0023--13 20130314-0023--14

The dinner was concluded with a double espresso.

I also found the restaurant I had “the bad mussels” at last time I was in Rome. Do not go here:


The intakes today was:

Edit new intakes…

Skärmavbild 2013-03-15 kl. 18.22.11




Tomorrow we will try to get into the Vatican to congratulate the new pope… Or not…




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