Running up and down a hill

Today I was “lured” to do a running exercise with a couple of co-workers. We went to the local downhill skiing slope. I have never been in a slope like this. It was pretty steep. And we were supposed to run both up and down. In the steepest passages we had to walk. I managed to get up and down four times for a total of 8,5km and 2 hours. This is a picture of me and my friends after the exercise.

When I got home I was a little hungry so I fried pork chops served with butter.

The intake was


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3 Responses to Running up and down a hill

  1. Low Carb says:

    Amazing! How are you able to breakdown the nutritional information yourself??

  2. Norman4Law says:

    Good job, Tommy. You don’t look tired at all.

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