Nice beef

Today I was away playing the great game; Gloomhaven.

We had salad for lunch before we continued some more.

On my way home I stopped by the store and found a big pack och really nice organic beef. I served with garlic butter after a really quick vitis in the frying pan.

The intake was



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  1. Nancy Michell says:

    Hi congratulations!
    I just saw your interview on diet doctor!
    Your quick weight loss was amazing. I have been thinking that somehow when on very low carbs, your body does not use food for fuel but uses all stored fat instead.
    Robert Atkins said this in his first diet book in 1972 but I never hear it anymore. However it has to be very close to true just by looking at your numbers. You probably ate the 3500 calories required for you weight yet almost lost a pound a day, which is supposedly 3500 calories.
    Do you have an opinion on this?

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