It is a small low carb world

A couple of days ago I read that Diet Doctor is number 1 of all low carb sites on the internet. It was a list with top 75 sites and DD was number 1. I started to look for other sites in the list and my little site was at place 58. I must say I am a bit surprised do even be on the list. My site is not that big and even thou I have a quite steady following I never try to promote the site anywhere. So to be at place 58 probably says more of the sites “over me”. A lot of them are small sites with few followers. Not even close to the 200000+ hits everyday at DD.

Maybe I should try to climb a bit on the list by creating more content? It would be nice to actually use the pretty good url I have to do more… What do you think?

The conference in Mallorca continued today and we got to listen to 4 more interesting speakers.

For lunch I had a lot of food again. Fish, burgers, cheese, aioli, veggies etc…

The dinner was lamb, fish and a lot of nice food.

This restaurant is super! Everything is well cooked and well seasoned and really good Low Carb food!

The small town is also beautiful. The weather is a little cold but no clouds and in the sun it is still warm. I feel like him with the nice old trams…

The intake was


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3 Responses to It is a small low carb world

  1. bill says:

    That list that said the top 75 sites only
    had 63 sites as far as I can tell. Our
    site has lots of content on it and it
    wasn’t even listed.

  2. Susan Rice says:

    More content would be great!

  3. Kay says:

    I like your site as it is – it’s nice to see what eating low carb might look light long-term if I were to reach my goal weight

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