Windy and wet

Today the weather was a little like a Swedish autumn. Windy and wet… I had a nice breakfast before getting into the car.

I started the day driving to “Monestir de Nostra Senior de Lluc”. An old spiritual place with a church and a cross on a hill… I went up to the cross and the combination of barefoot shoes and wet cobblestone is not perfect. Slippery and a bit “hard on the feet”.

After the monastery I drove to Deia. The road there was even better than yesterday. Really cool turns and good conditions. Once again I lacked the handling of my Toyota…

Deia was a really nice little town with a few places still open so I tried a garlic shrimp here too… The one yesterday was better.

I found my way to the hotell for the Low Carb Universe conference in Port del Soller. My room has a great view but the wind is really battering the window covers and mine was first lose and banning against my window. I fixed it but there are still som neighbour’s covers baking on the walls…

I took a short walk

We had a dinner with parts of the participants of the conference and I had a beef tartar as starter and a naked burger with extra bacon for main.

The intake was




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