Roadtrip on Mallorca

Today I started really early. The flight from Stockholm was at 6:10 so I got up 4:30. We arrived at Palma airport just before 10 and I picked up my rental. It was a little more expensive than expected with all “extras”. I was probably “robbed”… I did get a little bigger car than expected, a Ford Fiesta. After driving a whole day I really missed my Toyota GT86. The roads here are beautiful and the GT would have been a real joy to dive here. The ford is OK, but no GT… I realised the island is a lot smaller than I first thought. I entered a place at random as far east as the map allowed and started driving. I found Cala Figuera. A nice little town with a nice “harbour”.

I felt like a true tourist when I sat down among a buss load of Germans at a café.

After this stop I Cove Del Drac in the GPS. Wow, what a place. I was lucky to arrive just before a guided tour took us through incredible caves. The tour ended in a huge cave and there was boats with musicians  playing classical music in a darkened cave. Incredible! Well worth the trip.

After the caves I took off to the city I was going to sleep in. Alcudia. I have a room in the old town. The hotel is a really small one with something like 8 rooms. I walked around in the city…

…before I tried some tapas at two different places. Yes, I had some croquettes. Deep fried with some carbs… But I just had to try them. The prawns was the favourite. A lot of garlic and a nice olive oil.

I left the restaurant before 8PM and once again I felt like a tourist when I got back to my room… Everyone else is just starting their dinner… My room is the one with the covers in the red part of the building. Facing a terassen… Did I say it was a weird hotel. Nice but weird…


The intake was


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