Finally I have almost two weeks of vacation. Tomorrow I will go to the airport in Stockholm for a really early flight on Sunday morning. Mallorca here I come… 🙂

My presentation is almost done. Some final touches but I have plenty of time… Kind of…


For dinner tonight I had a lot of chicken. I served with a mayo seasoned with curry.

The intake was


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3 Responses to Vacation!

  1. Michaela says:

    So we will meet soon 🙂

    • Tommy says:

      Cool, you coming to Mallorca too?


      • Michaela says:

        Yes, I will arrive in Palma at about 1.30pm tomorrow and then let’s see how to get to the hotel, probably by bus if there is no-one else to share a taxi.
        I’m sure we’ll meet at dinnertime.
        Thank you for sharing pictures of your daytrip.
        I never had been to Mallorca, though it’s one of the most visited isles by Germans.

        See you soon!

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