No blood tests

Today I tried to book a blood test with our company health care… The doctor said I do not need to be tested any more since the stats is perfect. Good to hear but I want my data! I will have to find someone else to do the tests…

For dinner tonight I had chicken liver, butter and beer sausages.

The intake was


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3 Responses to No blood tests

  1. RT says:

    Actually, that sounds like a strange reason to me, even assuming he meant your perfect health markers from the past several years. I assume your results will be the same this year, too, but generally speaking there will always be a few people whose health markers may go “off.”

    Your blood work results are solid (albeit anecdotal) evidence that LCHF is healthy. (I’ve had similar results.) I hope you can find a doctor who will approve the blood work soon. You represent the biochemical elephant in the room that critics of LCHF consistently refuse to look at.

  2. John says:

    I had the same thing.
    Now I pay for the blood work myself once a year, no problem.

  3. RT says:

    Hi again, Tommy. I’m just wondering whether you were able to get the blood work done somewhere else.

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