Making broth

Today I started my Croc Pot to make Broth. I put in some selleri, acarots an onions with a lot of bones.

After several hours it looks like:

Tomorrow I will bring it to boil again and then I will reduce more and sore in ice cube makers in the freezer. Or maybe I will drink some first…

I had a lot of eggs today. First 3 scrambled eggs for breakfast and then a nice omelette of 3 eggs, onion, bacon and a little parmesan cheese.

The intake was



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  1. Nicky says:

    Hi, I am so glad to have found your page, i am just starting OMAD, but not sure about the dairy portions. i love my cuppa tea with cream in the evening after a nice (what i think is ) LCMPHF dinner, but i think i have mis understood the dairy, i love yogurt and cheese and creamy stuff.
    ? what do you do about dairy.
    ?are you a low vegetable eater?
    do you only have water and black tea / coffee during the day?
    I live in Thailand, land of sugar and smiles, so many of the other sites all have these fancy products that i can’t get here.
    what about fat, what do you do to keep this under control.

    thanks for sharing your incredible journey and food posts !,

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