Running 10K

Yesterday I was away late night to do one of the larges 10K runs in Europe. Over 35000 runners in the same t-shirt running around one of the islands in the center of Stockholm. We are the main sponsor of the run so we get to run for free and we also have access to the VIP-tent (The Stadium tent in the back of the field).

Inside we got all kind of snacks…

…but I brought my own…

During the day before we went to Stockholm I got a lot of nice food at the “market” outside mu door.

I ate one and a half of those sausages and I also tried some of the “bacon”. So the intake for Saturday was

The run was a bit slower than last year even thou I did run a bit more. Out of the 10K I walked maybe 1,5k. Two of the “steel” hills and then some…

I got home at 2am so I did not post anything here…


Today (0:30 AM on the bus home) I had the bacon and olives in the picture from yesterday and in the evening I had two nice steaks with sauce bearnaise.

The intake for Sunday was





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