10K on Saturday night

On Saturday night I will participate in the “Midnight run” 10K in Stockholm and today I got my T-shirt, VIP “bracelet” and the timing thingy… My training has not really gone as good as I have wanted so I do not think I will bea able to run very fast but I will try to run 90% of the track. There are two steep “hills” where I will walk, but the rest of the track I hope I can run.

The company I work for is one of the two main sponsors of the run and we get to stay in the VIP-area before and after the run. Pretty nice place to be… A lot of food and drinks (for those who eat and drinks carbs…)… 🙂

For dinner tonight I had pre grilled chicken again… This time with mayo and olives.

The intake was




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2 Responses to 10K on Saturday night

  1. Silke Barrow says:

    Good luck with your run!

  2. palo says:

    Go Tommy! Give us 45 minutes.

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