People are strange

A large part of my job is related to labour laws and negotiations with unions and employees. I do spend some times now and then on a infamous forum on the internet called flashback. It is a Swedish forum with almost no rules and a high level on anonymity. I read a lot of the labour laws posts to be able to “know my foe”… Kind of… Today I found a question from a guy who was upset because his employer fired him. So what did he do to get fired? He got into a fight that he won… The fact that he won the fight was what made him upset he got fired… In my book you get fired if you get into a fist fight with a colleague regardless if you win or not… Oh, well, thats part of a hard day at work…

For dinner I fried chicken liver and as usual I seasoned with only salt, pepper and a hint of curry.

I also had some beer sausages so the intake was


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