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The vacation is over and today I met with our HR-manager in Hamburg and we visited our tree stores to meet the store managers and discuss different issues… Our stores here are really nice and we have a lot of good people working in the.

It was raining on an off and in between we managed to have lunch outdoors. I had a pork chop with some salad.

For dinner I googled for good mid prized meat restaurants and found a really nice place. They had a lot of interesting cuts on their menu but I opted for a nice entrecote again. This time with three sides. Spinach, butter and sauce bearnaise. This must be one of the best entrecôtes I have ever eaten. At least top three. I strongly recommend this place if you are in Hamburg. The place is called Estanica Steaks.

I couldn’t help myself getting a bottle of “sugar free” cola tonight. When you find a Cola called Fritz in Germany you just have to try it… 🙂

Even thou breakfast is included I really did not feel like having food this morning after my early 7km walk around Hamburg. So the intake was



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