Visiting Heaven

For a true Atheist it’s weird to say I have been to heaven but I think this was as close as I will ever come… 🙂

As you all might have seen I do like models, gaming and terrain building…

I visited “Miniatur Wonderland”… Wow! The worlds largest model railway. I did not really know what to expect. I have seen a couple of movies on youtube with aircrafts taking off and landing. It was so much more… I could not believe the size of the place. I will spam several pictures after the irrelevant food stuff… 🙂

So I’ll start with the day with a great brakfast. If the dinner buffet was “weak” the breakfast was super! A lot off nice stuff but I opted for the best. Sausages, bacon, an egg and butter…

After breakfast I left for Hamburg. German highways are quite nice. Free speed on some of them… So now I know my car can go over 200km per hour and it has more to give but I did not get the chance to push it further. Trucks and slower cars were in the way… Feels weird so have an average of 180km per hour for over 50km. Nice to have a good car… The last 100km towards Hamburg was continuous roadwork so the total average was closer pÃ¥ 80km per hour… 🙁

Hamburg was still there. A lot of volunteers cleaned the city during Sunday so I did only see some graffiti and banderols left from the demonstrations. This picture is a bit fun. It is an old building in the middle of modern buildings (the large one behind is my hotel). Several banderols against G20 was having from windows.

After Miniatur Wonderland I went “window shopping” in pouring rain… And finally I found a nice place to eat. It was a chain restaurant called Block House. Reasonable prices for what looked like good food. And it was. Sallad for starter (I did only eat some of it since the dressing was a bit sweet). A nice rib-eye with spinach and bread for main. Yes, I left the bread.

The rib-ey was perfectly cooked and seasoned.

For dessert I had an espresso and no cookie.

The intake for the day was

So to the spamming of pictures from Miniatur Wonderland. Even Sweden was represented in the model. I did film a lot to but I will have to wait until I come home to my real computer to edit them…

The control room was pretty cool too…


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3 Responses to Visiting Heaven

  1. bill says:

    Cool. Looks like fun.

  2. Bert Carson says:

    Thanks for the great photos – I almost feel like I was there with you. And, thanks for all that you do… I can’t tell you how much you, and thanks to you, Sten, mean in my journey.

  3. Susanne says:

    “Miniatur Wonderland” is already on my bucketlist. Now that I’ve seen your photo’s I *really* want to go there!!

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