On the road

Today I spent most of the day in the car. I got out a couple of times. First time fas to put som fuel in the tank and I managed to do it next to one of our stores (Center Syd) I had not yet visited so now that one is ticked off…

(Yes, a bad parking from my side… But the place was almost empty So I hope I didn’t upset anyone…)

Then I stopped for some more fuel. Both for me and the car. This was my first cup of coffee in over a week and it was not very good. A normal “blend” cup at a thai place in Nordborg, Denmark… It was the only place open in the centre a Sunday afternoon…

I finally arrived at my hotel only 170 km from Hamburg. My plan is to get a good night sleep and the drive into the city tomorrow when I am reasonable fresh… The restaurant had buffet as the only option and it was not very good. Only two mains with little variation. Pork or beef. No fish nor chicken. I loaded up with real butter as fat source.


The intake was

I hope the breakfast has some eggs and bacon tomorrow morning… And better coffee…


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