One week without coffee

Tonight it has been 7 days since I had any caffein in any form or shape. For some reason I decided to try going “cold turkey” on the coffee and compared to last time I tried I must say I did only get som headache but maybe thats because of the cold I have. Or maybe I got the cold due to lack of coffee…. Or maybe not… 🙂

I will most probably have some coffee during my upcoming trip… But when I am back in Sweden I will keep of the coffee again… Maybe…

Tomorrow I will start a road-trip to Hamburg. I will be visiting our office and our storres there on Tuesday and Wednesday. I will however go a day early to see a little more of Hamburg… Or whats left of the city…

It will be kind of a nostalgic trip. When I was a kid We spent several summer in the souther parts of Denmark and “we” went to Germany to get cheap tax-free spirits. I reserved a random hotel in Flensburg and when I checked the map it is just next to the store we used to go to… Nice coincident… After the stop in Flensburg I will head to Hamburg for the last couple of hours drive into Hamburg. I hope my GPS works. Hamburg is a pretty big place to get lost in…

Today I had a lot of food. I started the day with some beer sausages and for dinner I made chicken burgers. The burgers this time was minced chicken, egg, onion, parmesan cheese and sambal oelek. To the burgers I made a nice mayo with garlic.

The intake was




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