Chicken and mayo

Today I mede a nice cold chicken and mayo salad for dinner. 400g fried chicken, 150g mayo, paprika, onion and cheese. Tastes better than it looks…

The intake was


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  1. Alberto says:

    Hi Tommy,

    may be you’ve been asked many times about it but… What is the name of the app you use to calculate nutritions?


    • Tommy says:

      I use the app “Lifesum” to enter what I eat. Then I create the graph myself from that data. I do the energy calculations and the “Skaldeman” in Numbers for MacOS.


  2. Carol Ridley says:

    Hi Tommy. I tend to follow your blog haphazardly, i.e. I don’t read it every day, but then I binge on it every now and again and read loads of posts at once, if that makes sense. I love the simplicity of your meals, and I love getting the little insights into your life. Seeing how others live is always so fascinating to me. I don’t know why. I know you make a lot of homemade mayo. Is there a particular method you use and which oil do you use please? Also, do you have a good recipe for Bearnaise sauce please or a good brand you recommend? I’m in the UK so probably couldn’t buy it here, but just in case. Thanks.

    • Tommy says:

      My mayo is really simple.
      1tsp dijon mustard
      1tsp white wine vinegar
      salt and white pepper
      3 egg yokes
      3 dl oil (1dl olive oil as neutral as possible and 2 dl rape seed oil)

      I mix mustard and vinegar withe yokes and then I start up my electrical hand mixer at full speed and add the oil slowly at the beginning and den faster. Last I season with salt and pepper. Sometimes I add lemon juice, garlic or chili. Or all of the above…

      I rarely do my own bearnaise. I have not been to the UK in a while so I do not know what brands you have.


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