Long run

Today I did the longest run I have ever done. I only walked ca 50m in total up three small but steep rises.

I was not very fast, but I made it… I will try to get a little better pace on Thursday.

For dinner tonight I had some fried chicken with mayo.

The intake was


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3 Responses to Long run

  1. Kiara says:

    I didn’t realize you’re running again! Congrats. I run around the same pace as you 🙂 I just did a 10k race in 1:21 – quite slow but I was proud. You’re doing great!

    • Tommy says:


      Yes, I am starting up again. I have a running coach at work and she is really pushing me to run and my goal now is to run the NYC-Marathon 2018 (not 2017 as first planned). The “first” goal is to try to run a 10K event in August under 70 minutes. Now I am trying to go to a “comfortable” 10K and start getting the pace better.


  2. palo says:

    That was awesome Tommy. How did you train?

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