Burger for the magazine and a bad night…

Today I finalized the first recipe for the next edition of the magazine. I am really pleased with the burger dressing.

The intake was a bit high today. I did have almost two portions of the recipe while trying some seasoning etc… 🙂

I had a really weird night/evening yesterday. Around 19PM I stared getting some pain in my back (or around there anyway…). I Could not sit nor lay in the bed without having to move around. I still tried to get some sleep and it took me some time. The “quality” of the nigh was only 69%. You can see My “non-sleep” first but then it looks like I really headed towards deep sleep… I woke up after 11-12 hours and have not felt anything in the back at all all day…


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  1. bill says:

    What is the app you use for sleep?
    Where do you connect it?

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