Activate the world

I must say I work at a great company. Today we lived by our “mission”, to Activate the World. After lunch we closed down the office and started a new tradition called Stadium Convention. During the afternoon we got to choose three activities and then later in the evening we had the annual Christmas party. When we arrived in the morning we got a “goodie bag”. Not really stuff I wanted to eat or drink but the water bottle and “tag chain” was nice… 🙂 The bar was full of sugar, and so was the power drink.


My three activities was running with a running coach in a nice group of 13 others. Then I went to a dietitian’s lecture and I was prepared to go into battle… I let her go quite easy and did only argue a little. My last activity was a inspirational lecture about breathing and mindfulness.

Then we had christmas buffet for dinner and I went for two plates. First “seafood”.


And then meat.


The intake was


A quite famous Swedish cover band continued with the entertainment. I went home quite “early”.


All in all it was a great day and I am really proud of working for Stadium!




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Meatballs again…

Today I had the last of the leftovers. Some of a special seasoned butter I used to the duck for the magazine. To the butter I had pork meatballs again.


The intake was



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Pre-grilled chicken

Today I had very little time after work and before games night… So I got pre-grilled chicken. I also made a nice fat coleslaw of 50g cabbage and 100g mayo.


The intake was



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Creamy spinach

Still using some leftovers from the weekend. I did a nice spinach stew of 140g of baby spinach, 1,5dl of double cream, 25f of cheese and 25g of chopped onion. To the stew I fried a gang of meatballs of pure minced pork.


The intake was



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As usual when I have been experimenting with recipe for the magazine I get a lot of leftovers. So today I had some spare duck in a creamy sauce of 25g chopped onion, 1,5dl double cream and some duck stock.


The intake was



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Christmas buffet

Today is was time for our traditional Christmas buffet. We went to the restaurant at the castle in FinspÃ¥ng (technically it is not a Castle but a “House” if I understand the royal dogma correct…).


(The picture is not taken today… It was not really this green…)

The full table looks like this


And the “forbidden” table was there too… 🙂


I started with the seafood


continued with the cold cuts


before moving on to the warm stuff


and then the cheese



I also had some leftovers from yesterday later in the evening

The intake was



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Cooking for the magazine

Today I spent some time cooking for the LCHF-Magazine. I did the first recipe a couple of weeks ago and today I med the last two. I used some of these ingredients… 🙂


The intakes for all the stuff I ate today was



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Meatballs again

Today I had a lot of meatballs again. I served with som plain unseasoned butter.



The intake was


Tomorrow I need to get two recipes done for the magazine. I have some ideas with duck, shrimps and cabbage…


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No photo

Today I forgot to take any pictures again. It was nothing special. Only meatballs so I am using an old picture.



The intake was



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Longer day than planned

Today I was away on a business trip and the plan was to be back in the office before 4PM. I started the day with a coffee…


No I did not eat the chocolate.

The negotiation we were to do was a little more complicated than expected som we spent the whole day discussing different terms… We took a brake for lunch and I had some pork, chicken in coconut cream…


When I drove back to home I stayed at my parents house for coffee but they actually med me dinner… Sausage and a broccoli gratin.


The intake for the day was




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