Christmas buffet number 4

Today we had a christmas party with all of the company at “my office. We managed to tie the win in a music quiz and our hero Moa (second from the right) got to get on stage for a quick Rock’n Roll school… :-)

14 1217-TommyTappar -20141217-00014IMG_0377


The traditional christmas buffet started with some seafood

14 1217-TommyTappar -20141217-00001IMG_0363

and continued with meat

14 1217-TommyTappar -20141217-00004IMG_0366

and warm stuff

14 1217-TommyTappar -20141217-00006IMG_0368

and finally dessert and coffee

14 1217-TommyTappar -20141217-00009IMG_0371

The intakes was really low on fat since they did not have any real butter, only margarine. So I had a little whipped cream as the only fat source…

Skärmavbild 2014-12-17 kl. 22.55.44


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Sweet christmas drink

Today I was on a business trip again and we went for lunch at a nice place in central Västerås. I had a special burger called “Lindström”. It is minced beef with capris, beetroot and onion. Instead of potatoes I had a small salad.

14 1216-TommyTappar -20141216-00003IMG_0358

In the evening I went for dinner at one of my former managers whom I try to meet when I am in town. I had a small mug of Glögg (glogg?). A traditional sweet warm christmas drink with some almonds. Sweet nut nice anyway…

I got a nice minced beef with cottage cheese seasoned with lemon zest.

14 1216-TommyTappar -20141216-00006IMG_0361

I also had a really small portion of fruit salad and whipped cream.

14 1216-TommyTappar -20141216-00007IMG_0362

Thanks to the glögg the carbs went quite high

Skärmavbild 2014-12-17 kl. 00.10.56




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Olive oil mayo

The dinner tonight was a small pice of smoked salmon and a lot of shrimps in mayo made of only olive oil. I need to find an olive oil that are a bit less “olivy”. A good tasty live oil makes the mayo a bit to “strong”. I want to use better oils than the rape seed oil I normally use.

14 1215-TommyTappar -20141215-00010IMG_0353

The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2014-12-15 kl. 21.46.52


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Nordic low carb cruise

So, now I have booked my cabin for the Nordic low carb cruise March 28th 2015. Last year we were over 500 and had the buffet to our selves… Half of the tickets are gone already…


After almost a full day at the office I went home to make dinner. I fried some broccoli and onion in butter and served with sauce bearnaise and two pork chops.

14 1214-TommyTappar -20141214-00007IMG_0339

The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2014-12-14 kl. 20.53.11



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Boring food?

Today I spent a whole day at the gaming store painting and building miniatures. A couple of Coke Zeros not not as many as usual.

When I got home I fried minced beef and made a nice pepper butter. Only 100 g of butter, salt and different kinds of pepper. The dish looks extremely boring… But it tasted really good!

14 1213-TommyTappar -20141213-00014IMG_0331

The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2014-12-13 kl. 21.07.06


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A lot of fat

Today I made a really fat dinner. 225 g of pre made sauce bearnaise and 400 g of minced lamb. I fried the meat and let it cool down a bit and mixed it with the sauce. The seasoning was a little garlic and oregano.

14 1212-TommyTappar -20141212-00002IMG_0315

The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2014-12-12 kl. 22.07.43


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Sorry Linköping

Today I was invited to join some people at work to go to one of the VIP lounges we have access to through a ownership of another company…

14 1211-TommyTappar -20141211-00001IMG_0306

It was the second time in 5 years I was invited and since it is hockey and the SHL (Sweden Hockey League = The highest division in Sweden) it is quite rare with one team not scoring at all… I have now seen the same team in Linköping (LHC) twice and I have not seen them score at all… Last time I think it was 0-4 and today we left the arena when it was 0-5. The final score was 0-6… So I will never go and see them again… For their sake…

We got some nice food from the christmas buffet.

14 1211-TommyTappar -20141211-00003IMG_0308


14 1211-TommyTappar -20141211-00005IMG_0310

The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2014-12-11 kl. 22.12.14



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When you are waiting for the sun

In Sweden this time of the year its is really dark, wet and “moody”. So to brighten my day I made a sunny omelette for dinner. 2 eggs and 50 g of cheese

14 1210-TommyTappar -20141210-00007IMG_0305

Before the dinner my day was quite long. I started at the office 5:30 to get a lot of things done before I went to our office in Västerås to train our managers in labor laws. I went out for lunch at a strange place. The food was really nice but the place was… Yes… Strange. A mix of a private home and school cantina. The food was “home made” and everything looked genuine and natural.

I had some “burgers”, butter and vegetables.

14 1210-TommyTappar -20141210-00004IMG_0302

On my way home I stopped and got some cheese since it was getting quite late.

The intakes was high on carbs and that is mostly because I think the burgers had some carbs in them as fillers. Bread crumbs or potatoes. Or both… So in the tool I am using I used some of the “worst” burgers as template.

Skärmavbild 2014-12-10 kl. 21.41.05


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Standard dish

When I got home today I had a pretty standard dish I have made a lot lately. Pork, broccoli and goat cheese butter… 125 g butter to 150 g goat cheese.

14 1209-TommyTappar -20141209-00006IMG_0295

The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2014-12-09 kl. 21.57.17


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A lot of carbs on the table

Today we had one of my first full day meeting where I am supposed to tell my colleagues what I have been doing the last 15 years… We decided “we” needed some treats on our new coffee table and I “had to” go to the store to get gingerbread cookies and sweets…

14 1208-TommyTappar -20141208-00001IMG_0280

I have not tasted any yet but I might take a cookie tomorrow just test them. In the store the sign said they are the best to buy… :-)

For lunch we went to…….. Yes, the Indian place… :-)

14 1208-TommyTappar -20141208-00003IMG_0282

When I got home I was not very hungry so I only made 4 small “pancakes” of 2 eggs and 50 g cheese.

14 1208-TommyTappar -20141208-00006IMG_0285

With no extra fat nor meat the plate looks a bit “spartan”

14 1208-TommyTappar -20141208-00010IMG_0289

The intakes was quite moderate and I do not really know why I do not feel hungry…

Skärmavbild 2014-12-08 kl. 20.24.38


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