Blood, house and miniatures

A couple of days ago I realized September is almost over… I do test my cholesterol levels every September and I managed to get an appointment at our company health care this afternoon. Pretty close call before we enter October…


My parents are now selling their house and moving to an apartment. The house went to the market today and we will cross our fingers for a good price… 🙂


I have been painting some Lord of the Rings miniatures for our campaign. Now I am done with all the minis I was planning to paint for the first two stages in the campaign.


For dinner tonight I had chicken with a mayo “seasoned” with olives. I used 125g mayo to 150g roughly chopped green olives.


The intake was



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Upgraded coffee

Today I got a couple of bags of a special coffee said to be extra good for the brain… Not really sure how and I do not really believe I will be able to feel any difference… But I’ll try to use it a couple of days and report back…


For dinner today I had chicken with a parmesan mayo.


The intake was



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Feeling old

Today I got my new “terminal glasses”. My sight has been getting worse quite fast the last couple of years and I had do to and get some progressive glasses for a good “room” focus. So the ones I got is perfect for sitting by the computer working and they have good focus up to 3-4 meters. I have tried them a bit at home and they feel really good. Not perfect for the miniatures painting, but otherwise really good.


I do feel a bit old getting new glasses… More so than getting older counting years… 🙂


For dinner I made a minced pork salad of:

  • 500g fried minced pork
  • 1/2 small diced red paprika
  • 1/2 small diced onion
  • 125g mayo


The intake was




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Fat ham salad

Today I was in Stockholm for a full day of seminars. We got a small lunch consisting of potatoes, pork and some veggies. Not much fat at all but the pork was nice…


For dinner I made a “salad” of 150g of may and 225g of diced smoked ham. I seasoned with garlic and some herbs.


The intake was



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Nice cover

My really good friend Henrik Pettersson made the cover of the larges gaming magazine in Sweden. He and a couple of other good artists have published an art book and this book is reviewed ad they choose one of Henrik’s picture as cover.


Henrik also draw may own “logo” and I still really like it.

I totally forgot to take a picture of my dinner but it was minced pork, mayo and parmesan cheese…


The intake was




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Finally I got Numbers “fixed”

I finally got my numbers database fixed. For some reason the new version of Numbers (4.0) was unable to open files saved in the last available format for Numbers… Lucky for med I had not upgraded my MacBook to the new so I got the file open from the cloud and then I saved it in a format the new version could open… This is my first real problem with this kind of upgrade issue i hava experiences since I converted to Apple 2011.

For dinner today I fried chicken again and I made a mayo seasoned with 50g of parmesan cheese and a little extra olive oil.


The intake was



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Mmm, cheese

Today I could hold back the urge to eat cheese. 150g of nice 22 months old parmesan just “disappeared”… 🙂

For dinner I fried some chicken again. I seasoned 125g of butter with a little taco spices.


The intake was



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New edition of the magazine out soon

In the next couple of weeks the new edition of the magazine I am writing for will hit the stores…


For dinner tonight I made a “stir fry” of 500 g minced lamb, one smal onion and a large piece of goat cheese.


The intake was


(yes, I still have problems with Numbers…)





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Problem with Numbers

I am having some problems with my computer so the intake graph is just a screenshot from the phone… Normally there are no problems updating to the new Mac OS but for some reason some of my Numbers documents won’t open in the new “Sierra…” 🙁


For dinner I made a nice cheese omelette. I melted some cheese in a pan and then I added 3 eggs and let it fry in until brown/golden. To the omelette I had fried chicken.



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New stores

We did end our two day HR-meeting with a sneak peak at one of our two new stores opening tomorrow. We are opening a new concept with focus on high-end stuff and we are the first physical store selling Zlatan’s clothes…


I started the day with a short walk and then a small breakfast. I got a little thing for the coffee before lunch end the for lunch we had tomatoes and feta cheese and salmon with veggies.


When I got home pretty late I made a cheesey scrambled eggs with roast beef.


The intake was



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