Blue cheese

Today we started the day with a 5km run/fun event for the group. I was going to try running the full 5K but the humidity and heat is really demanding so I did not really run all the way but with some help I would say I did run 5K in total.

It was also a port day and I went on an excursion in Jamaica!


We went around a bit in a bus and ended up at a haunted “Great House”.


After the house we went to a nice beach and I did actually take a swim today too… I could get used to this…


I did not have anything to eat during the day so I was a little hungry in the evening. I had a nice crab cake for starters


and a lot of beef for main.


For dessert the waiters had gone totally crazy. I have asked for blue cheese on my cheese plate. Today they got all cheese that had on my “little” plate. I did only eat 25% of the cheese…


The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-05-04 kl. 23.05.17



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Today we arrived at Haiti and I went ashore for only a couple of hours. It was really hot so the ship was a better place to be at…


After the short visit to the beach We had some lunch.


For dinner I had two starters, both a gratin with scallops and a salad Caprice


And for main pork with veggies and butter


Dessert was a plate of blue cheese.


The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-05-03 kl. 22.44.32


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First day of lectures

Today was the first day with lectures on the cruise. As usual really interesting list of speakers. Jamie Caporosso, Darryl Edwards, Dr Ted Nalman, Alisia Marshall, Hanna Boethius, Kim Minert, Dr Eric Westman, Glen & Yael Finkel and Dr Lucia Aronica. A lot of diabetes, paleo and some bars…

Some pictures from the ship. First the Promenad then Central Park

20160502-0132--4 20160502-0132--5


During the lunch break I had something to eat with parts of the dietdoc team.


It was formal night tonight so we all had to dress up a bit. I had a lobster soup for starter…


…and steak as main. I added a lot of butter to the steak.


The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-05-03 kl. 00.36.06

During the evening I went to a really funny comedy club and then karaoke. On stage here are Tom Naughton and Jimmy Moore.




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First day of the cruise

Today we boarded the Allure of the Sea. This is a huge boat… I thought the Independence and Freedom were large boats. But this is really big. I am on deck 14 and I try to use the stairs but I am already getting a bit sceptic about running from floor 3 where the conference center is to my deck…

This is my cabin.


And some pictures from the boat. More will follow.






We tried the Windjammer buffet for a small lunch…


before going to our welcome aboard cocktail party.


For dinner I had a nice starter of smoked salmon and seafood.


The main was salmon with butter and also some extra broccoli.


For dessert I had cheese…



The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-05-02 kl. 00.31.45

I will take some time one night to write more about the ship and the cruise.



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Pre cruise dinner

Early this morning I went for a run. 4,7KM at a ok pace. I did my run along a roan and then back again. I did not want to get lost among the similar looking streets and houses…

After some relaxing by the pool…


…we went to the mall again. Lunch was at the food court and I had chicken and ribs with broccoli. Really sweet sauce and we managed to get quite a lot of butter…


In the evening it was time for the pre cruise dinner at the hotell. It was a really good buffet and I had both beef and salmon. Some mozzarella, cauliflower and tomatoes.


We got a goodi-bag “full of” carbs. I did try some of the quote bar stuff. I really do not like them… They taste strange.


The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-04-30 kl. 21.52.27


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Kobe burger

This is the view from our room. On the other side of the water you can see the Sawgrass Mills Mall where we spent the whole day today.


We had brunch at the food court and I had some sweet chicken and really nice veggies.


The result of the shopping was two shirts, one pair of shorts and two pairs of jeans.


For dinner we met up with Hanna and Sebastian and the had scouted out a nice place with great burgers. I had a Blue cheese burger and replaced ordinary beef with Kobe beef. I also had some coleslaw and extra mayo as side.


The intake for the day was

Skärmavbild 2016-04-29 kl. 23.05.44


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LowCarbCruise 2016

Today I was traveling all day. In total a little more than 24 hours door to door.

First train to Stockholm/Arlanda. Then a plane to Newark. The food on the plane was OK regarding taste. We had a pork chop with some kind of sweet sauce. I did not eat the mashed potato, bread or dessert… I did eat the cheese and butter…


Before landing at Newark we got a snack… I ate the small amount of surfing in a wrap… Nothing else…


The landing is always nice at Newark where you get a look at the New York Skyline…


At Newark we had dinner at a place where you order on an iPad. Pretty nice setup but quite chaotic with a lot of adds all the time. It was a little expensive too…


I had a really nice steak and salad and also managed to get some extra butter.


On the flight to Fort Lauderdale I had a little snack bag so the carbs got a bit high.


The total intake for the whole day was

Skärmavbild 2016-04-29 kl. 05.55.22

Tomorrow we will spend some time at the pool area at the hotell and then we will go to the Sawgrass Mills Mall. The mall is in “Swedish walking distance” from the hotel.





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Off to the cruise

Now I am full packed and ready for the flight to Florida and the eastern Caribbean low carb cruise! It’s gonna be really fun meeting all nice people from the last cruises and also to meet new people!

Today We had a full day meeting with lunch and I had some pork and butter…

16 0427-TommyTappar -27042016-IMG_7096

For dinner me and my travel companion went out for some food and I had the shrimp salad I always try to get at the local pasta place.

16 0427-TommyTappar -27042016-IMG_7095

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-04-28 kl. 00.19.05


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A lot of water

For some reason I drank a lot of water today. First almost a liter at work and nor I finished my thrid 50cl bottle of sparkling water. I have no idea why. Normally I might be at around 1 liter liquid total for a day. Now it was 2,5 liters. After all the sparkling water I feel a bit “blown up”… Oh well, I guess it will come out again… 🙂

For dinner today I hade a couple of large pork chops with blue cheese and butter.

16 0426-TommyTappar -26042016-IMG_7094

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-04-26 kl. 21.23.39




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A day at the Zoo

Today we spent the day at the nearby Zoo (Kolmården). We got a special tour since the zoo is not yet open for the season. We got a close look at a lot of interesting animals and the guide was really good.

16 0425-TommyTappar -25042016-IMG_7093

For lunch before the tour I had cod in red wine sauce, some veggies and butter.

16 0425-TommyTappar -25042016-IMG_7091

For dinner I made a simple soup of:

  • 300 g shrimps
  • 250 ml coconut creame
  • 1/2 onion
  • 1/2 orange paprika
  • 1 tsp red curry paste
  • salt and pepper

To get a bit more fat I put a large lump of butter in the soup.

16 0425-TommyTappar -25042016-IMG_7082

The intake was

Skärmavbild 2016-04-25 kl. 22.26.37


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